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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  September 5, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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east bay murder spree. digging through the trash. the grim search for a missing man who may be the last victim of an east bay murder spree. he was at the center of a sex scandal that shook up silicon valley. tonight where hb's former ceo may be heading next. some bar owners say it would tap them out. the bay area is proposing a new fee for alcohol and what it could cost you per drink. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. investigators spent the day sifting through an east bay landfill. this is the third day they have been out there searching for a missing man who may be the latest victim of a bizarre murder spree. don knapp is in pittsburg where workers are making their way
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through a mountain of trash. >> what a lot of work it was. they hoped to come up with something, a clue or a body to help in the investigation. as the day ended, they came up with nothing and they will have to continue by coming back later. reporter: volunteers are helping police sift through tons of trash at keller canyon landfill looking for a body or other clues that will lead them to frederick sales. >> this is my first volunteer. i don't know what to expect. i know it's a huge landfill. the chance of finding something in the first few days is probably nil. >> reporter: they have not found anything of value to the investigation. the missing 35-year-old sales is the son of ricardo sales found beaten to death a week ago. value der romo was shot and killed by highway patrol officers tuesday after a high- speed chase. in the car was the body of cindy tram believed kidnapped by him as she left work tuesday evening. the bodies of two other women
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were found in allen's home monday. investigators were lead to keller canyon landfill avrett take alan's vehicle was found in the area. i asked a police officer as he left for the day just how sure they were that there is a body in this place and they said, well, they can't be absolutely sure but they have to search it and there is a lot of area to search and they will be back tomorrow to continue the search. >> i watts thinking the same thing, they sure seem to be dedicated even though they aren't finding anything thus far. >> reporter: when you look at the case, you realize they don't have a lot to go on. they have one american living who is associated with the case and not getting a lot from that person. they hope to get something from this missing person if they can come across him. i think it's worth the effort to try to find one person. >> don knapp in pittsburg, thank you. the former hewlett-packard
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ceo fired after accused of sexual harassment could have a new job. mark herd is in talks about oracle. the top job at array call isn't available. a night out on the town could cost you more if it involved cocktails in san francisco. the city's supervisors want to add a fee when you buy alcoholic drinks. linda yee on what local bars think about that. reporter: hangovers are no fun. the bar tab won't be either if a new alcohol fee is imposed. >> politicians come up with this idea. >> reporter: the san francisco board of supervisors is considering a new fee for alcohol, like 5 cents extra for a bottle of beer. much more for wine or hard liquor. an idea that bar owner bill kateke cannot drink to. >> it will impact the business.
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>> reporter: he says customers will go way. >> it will change habits, drink at home instead of drinking here. they won't quit drinking. >> reporter: this new fee per glass of alcohol is expected to generate $16 million for antialcohol abuse programs. last year the public health department said it spent 13 1/2 billion dollars to get chronic drunks off the street. the idea is to offset city costs like paramedic responses and emergency room visits. >> the city is in big enough trouble. i'm for it. >> reporter: l. poole says it's tough enough on businesses. they a tack on surcharges for city mandated health care. >> the minimum wage in san francisco is higher than anywhere and the health care think, the cost of doing business is going up and up in the city. >> not a problem for me. i think for most people it's
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such a -- most people that go out and joy themselves, you throw a nickel on the tab, they are not going to notice. >> reporter: most customers say they don't mind if it's for a good cause. the board is expected to pass the new fee but the mayor has hinted he will vow to. tuesday is when the board of supervisors vote. fire investigators are on the hunt for the person or people who have been setting fires in sacramento. five fires have been set. there is a brushfire abandoned restaurant fire and dump fire. they are concerned the arsonist is getting boulder. one was set 200 feet from a fire station. fire officials say the fires can put a lot of people in danger. >> taxes the resources, we have fire companies chasing these things down throughout the evening which makes them unable to respond to other emergencies
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if they develop. >> in the past four days, there have been 20 arsons. firefighters say they may not all be related. so far there are no suspects. checking headlines around the bay area, we have learned the identities of two young men who were killed in a head-on accident in san francisco. it happened last night at brotherhood way and lake merced. 19-year-old robert makum of her cue less and nick salmento of daly city were killed. three other people are hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. the family of a man who died after being attacked on the streets of oakland received a generous gift. several east bay organizations have raised $75,000 for the wife and son. they were attacked by two teenagers shopping last april. the money was donated to help the son continue his studies. two 18-year-olds were charged with the father's murder.
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two animals infected with west nile virus have turned up in san mateo county. a dead squirrel was found august 17th and a dead raven was picked up a week later. health officials are worried that the virus might be circulating in the county. a critical clue brought to the surface that could finally tell us what went wrong in the gulf of mexico. and the long awaited delivery that has everyone at one bay area zoo tickled pink. ,, copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better.
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when suicide bombers struck a military compound in baghdad. a deadly day in iraq. a dozen people were killed when military bombers struck a military compound in baghdad. this is the second attack in three weeks. it's the first time u.s. troops had been in a firefight since
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the combat mission officially ended last week. crucial piece of evidence in the bp oil spill is in the hands of federal investigators. it's called a blowout preventer. if it worked properly, the accident may never have happened. >> reporter: at the scene of the largest offshore oil spill in the nation's history, federal agents took control of a key piece of equipment. the blowout preventer could provide answers to what went wrong on the deep water horizon. a methane gas bubble exploded on the rig. the blowout preventer did not prevent the blowout by sealing the pipe as it was supposed to. as a result, more than 200 million gallons of oil spewed into the gulf. it's unclear why equipment on the rig failed. 11 workers died in the explosion. >> these guys deserve this. we need to find out for them and the industry. they would want it no other
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way. >> reporter: it took 29 1/2 hours to raise the 300-ton device from the ocean floor. fbi agents are escorting it to a nasa facility in louisiana where investigators will analyze what went wrong. bp and the coast guard say the oil well is sealed and is no longer a threat to the gulf of mexico. but the economic and environmental impact may linger for years. taking green living to new heights. how one woman turned a jumbo jet into her dream home. >> you may not have to labor too hard to find sunshine and very warm temperatures around the bay area tomorrow. the san francisco zoo is tickled pink over its flamingo,,,,,,,,,,
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tickled pink over its flamingo population explosion. four the san francisco zoo is tickled pink over the flamingo population explosion. four chicks hatched so far and several more eggs are nearly ready to hatch. zookeepers say it's hard to get flamingos to reproduce in captivity. they have been trying for seven years with no success. the zoo is celebrating by offering patrons who wear pink a dollar off admission. >> that is very, very cute. and lawrence says it will be
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hot enough that you may want to get to the zoo to cool off. >> there are so many people that have been so nice to me today. i thought it was me. nothing to do with me. it's the weather. folks are so happy to see the sunshine. we will see plenty of it into labor day. we will heat things up as high pressure is kicking in and the offshore winds are setting up right now. outside we go into san jose. you got clear skies there and looking good into the evening hours. great night to get out and do a little barbecuing, enjoy friends. the weather looking g. how about the coastline. look at this. sunshine at the beaches, maybe a smidgen of fog in the distance. not much at all. we won't see a lot at the coastline tonight. the coast will be mostly clear throughout the night tonight. tomorrow, guess what, we are off and running with warmer temperatures on the way. you have clear skies, warm weather inland and the warm weather will continue as we will see plenty of sunshine the next couple of days. we had a couple of patches of
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fog out to the beaches. some of that continuing into moneterey bay but dissipating before you knew it. looking at warm temperatures. it's 91 in fairfield. 89 in concord. 85 in livermore. 79 in san jose. a little cooler out to san francisco at 66. pleasant. sea breeze is blowing. overall the offshore wind will kick in. that means not only a heat up here but around the state. 96 in redding. the high country, 93 yosemite. the next couple of days, we are heading for a major swing in temperatures. high pressure building in. we have an offshore wind kicking in. as the air sinks it will heat things up in a hurry. getting toasty outside, even to the beaches. but it's only going to be here for a day and then it's gone.
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temperatures will plummet. to the middle of the week, 20 to 30 cooler as we look to wednesday. starting out tomorrow morning, looking for fog. still looking for fog. can't find any fog. it's looking good for tomorrow. labor day looking nice and clear. even out to the beaches, with that in mind, we will bring things up a bit. 74 half moon bay. 72 daly city. inside the bay 80s and low 90s. east bay the temperatures are on the hot side in spots. 96 brentwood. 95 oakland. 84 berkeley. north bay, 90 in the napa valley. 89 novato. how about the next couple of days? here is the big swing. monday, labor day looking great. by tuesday and wednesday, some of these temperatures will struggle to get into the 70s by wednesday. only a slow warming into thursday and friday. everybody is worried about labor day, great day to enjoy
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the sunshine. warm to the coastline. 70s out at the water's edge for a couple of hours. mid-90s inland. enjoy. it's only around for a day. >> and a warm day but so far no spare the air. >> looking good. >> lawrence, thank you. all right. well, lots of people are using recycled materials to build houses. one woman in southern california is taking the concept to new heights. she is converting the materials of an 747 jumbo jet into her dream home. she bought it at a junkyard for about $35,000. an architect is breaking it down and turning it into the contemporary home that she always wanted. >> i said, well, it's a wild idea. let's go find a plane and see what that would be like to use it as a roof and a ceiling. >> the whole project costing
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about $2 million and construction should be finished by the end of the year. so, going green isn't cheap. >> does she charge for luggage when people come over to sit. >> all right, dennis. >> the a's go for a rare sweep over the angels. toss to sports ,, welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes.
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lawrence and dennis were talking about football. a lot of people are on the edge of the seats about the giants. >> what amazing statistic in the history of baseball only two teams went to the play-off and endured 10 game losing streaks during the course of the season. san diego will have to make that three if they expect to do it. a couple of weeks ago it seemed like the giants only road to the play-offs was through the wild card. it could be won after san diego's free-fall. melvin moore unties it. carlos gonzalez scores. bottom of the 9, tying run at the plate for san diego. houston street. padres are sinking faster than
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the lineup. the giants will be one game back in the west. a starter vinny laser row looking for his first win since july 24th. a's were in search of their first sweep of the angels in six years. add kevin cuz man off to the list of those leaving the game. in the third a pair of two-run homers. 4-0 hallows -- halos. a bases loaded double. 4-3 ball game. down 7-4 in the ninth, a's tying run at the plate. game over. a's failed to sweep the rivals and blow a chance to move within seven games of the rangers in the west.
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strange ending in minnesota. rangers with the based loaded down by two. base hit cut off behind second. the throw back at third to get michael young but he's ruled out. why? third base coach touched him, in effect helping him get back to third base. that is a tough ruling. that's the ball game. texas still leads the a's by eight games in the west. andy roddick beaud out but -- bowed out. sam crier rei enis looking to advance to the fourth round taking on nicholas amadro. cleary probably felt there was no way he would lose today. back to back grand slams with a straight set win today. that means next up is the four seed, andy murray. he falls apart after winning
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the first set losing in four. women's side, venus williams is a little off today. she tugged at her skirt most of the match. even in her less than best effort it was good enough. third round pga bank open, tiger woods in trouble at 18. the rough stuff lands on the green. 69 for woods. his second straight round in the 60s. he is still 10 shots behind. jason day isn't going anywhere. apparently 66 today. he has a one shot lead. phil mickelson is lurking five shots back. >> mickelson's approach hits the flag stick, rolls back off the green. the same thing happened to
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mickelson on the same hole, same place. his memory this time served him well. birdy. 67 today. if he finishes fourth or better he could take over the world's number one ranking from tiger woods. one of the raiders goals this off season was to improve the awful run defense. all the new faces will get a big test next sunday when they take on chris johnson and the tight taints. >> we will have our hands full. you turn on espn, he is in the fantasy league. we are not liking any motivation heading into the football game. it's a big challenge for us. >> richard, i have to admit. i will come clean. he was my number one pick so -- >> i'll tell you what, i don't want you to get no points in that first week. >> much more of the interview with richard see more on game
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day. we will be joined by pete rider, david wright from the chronicle as we get you ready for the start of the season. jon gruden, x ray der coach, he believes the raiders have an awesome front 7. >> are you agreeing? >> we did the san diego game the other night. i think the chargers have issues. they were 13-3 last year. but if the raiders get good quarterback play from campbell or brad could sky, whoever it will be. >> these two could go on forever. >> jon gruden knows what he's talking about. >> thanks, guys. a benefit missing for six years is back home again. the grace chapel bell was stolen. where it was found this weekend and how ice discovery comes. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. see you in a half hour.
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